Mount Villa Cattery offers nine suites, all of which are large enough to comfortably house two cats from the same family, including two much larger family suites with room for up to four energetic cats.

Our suites offer a spacious, heated sleeping area and a large covered exercise run. Glass sneeze barriers ensure a sanitary environment without isolating your cat. Outside the suites is a safety corridor, ensuring that even the most cheeky cat can’t check out early.  In warmer weather the windows along the front of the safety corridor can be opened (don’t worry, they are fully lined with mesh), ensuring lots of fresh air.  Thermostatically controlled heating is provided in the sleeping area and with top of the range insulation, your cat will be comfortable whatever time of year they stay with us.

Comfortable bedding is provided on a raised sleeping area, accessible via a ramp. For elderly or less mobile cats who can’t manage the ramp, we are happy to offer a daybed or adapt the areas to suit them and their needs.

Cosy wicker baskets or chairs are available in the sleeping area for a daytime siesta, chairs or boxes to explore in the exercise runs for the more energetic! All suites have roomy shelves for your cat to watch the world go by.

We provide plenty to keep your cat amused with scratching areas, cosy baskets and places to hide, as well as a variety of toys for them to play with. They will love to watch the wild birds feeding outside and our friendly chickens wandering past.  The soothing sound of running water comes from our fishpond located just under the window, plus the cats will enjoy watching the fish – sorry but they are off the menu!

Viewings are encouraged, and are available by appointment during our opening hours. Please contact us.

Please note that only cats from the same household can be housed together.