New Rules During Covid-19 Pandemic
Customers are requested to disinfect the cat carrier
before use.
Photographs needs to be taken of the vaccination
details, clearly showing the cats name, date and batch
number of the vaccine given.
No items from home will be allowed, all bedding and
toys will be provided.
Payment is to be made by BACS (bank transfer) to
avoid handling cheques and cash.
I will ask customers to place the cat carrier on the
provided table outside the main doors. I will then
collect the carrier and settle the cat into its suite.
The carrier box will then be disinfected and kept in the
suite with the cat until collection.
No customers are allowed further than the driveway.
I know this will cause anxiety to some customers who
like to settle their cat into its suite, but these measures
ensure the safety of both myself and customers.
Suites will of course be fully disinfected once cats have
left as normal.